The Custom Appendices feature allows company administrators to create structured individual Appendices which are then available for selection when writing a report.

These Custom Appendices allow users to add their own Appendices into reports that compliment and/or expand upon the recommendations given. For example, a firm may want to create their own 'Our Service Propositions' appendix and add this to each report generated; to provide recipients a more detailed understanding of the level of the financial support offered and the charges for these options.

The Custom Appendices appear in the "Appendix" section, after the default ATEB appendices (i.e. after the "Glossary of Terms" and the "Attitude to Risk Definitions"), in the generated report.

In the Custom Appendix section, all Appendices will be displayed in ascending alphabetical order.

The screen capture below shows the Custom Appendices page in the Content Management area and highlighted in red, is an custom appendix created as an example by ATEB.