In the penultimate page of the Suitability Report template, there is a page titled 'Appendices'.

In the Appendices page there are two sections. The first section is a set of tick answers which give the opportunity to select any available ATEB default appendices to include in the report.

The second section is for selecting custom appendices. To add any custom appendices, for the initial question "Do you wish to select any of your own appendices you wish to include in the 'Appendices' section of this report:", "Yes" should be selected ("No" is set as the default answer). Once selected, the question "Please select which appendices you would like to include:" displays on the screen, directly above a drop down question. In the drop down question, it is possible to view all custom appendices; it is possible to select multiple custom appendices from this option list to generate in the report.

The Custom Appendices selected will be appear at the end of the document, following the standard ATEB appendices, for example, the 'Glossary of Terms' and 'Attitude to Risk Definitions' appendices.

*Custom Appendices must be saved and published to be able to select them in the report; those custom appendices set as a draft in the content management area will not be available to select in the report.