When generated reports from ATEB suitability are opened in MS Word you may want to add additional sections without losing the formatting of the document.

This can be achieved by ensuring you use the built in MS Word 'Styles' to correctly format your headings. ATEB reports utilise:

  • Normal
  • Heading 1 - Main Section Headings
  • Heading 2 - Sub Section Headings
  • Heading 3 - Sub Section Headings
  • Heading 4 - Sub Section Headings
  • Heading 7 - Appendix Headings
  • Heading 8 - Appendix Sub Headings
  • Heading 9 - Appendix Sub Headings

If you create your new sections using the correct Heading style you can then update your contents page to include any new content. This is achieved by navigating to the contents page and right-clicking on the table:

Select 'Update Field' and then 'Update entire table':

Clicking 'OK' will update the table with your amendments.