* Please note that the user has to be a Company Administrator to add additional users. Standard Users do not have the authorisation to carry out this functionality.

A new user can be created by clicking on the 'Create New User’ button within the 'Your Users' page. The ‘Create New User’ button is outlined in red below.

The user will then be directed to a new screen in which they will be required to fill out the new user's details personal details and the user role allocated to the new user. After the details have been entered, the 'Create User' button must be clicked on, which is also outlined in red below.

Once the user has been added, the new user will be sent an email. The email contains a verification link which, upon selecting, will guide the user to a form where the user must create a new password for the user. Once this process has been completed, the user will be redirected to the suitability main log in screen and will be free to use the suitability system.