How to use Intelligent Office/ATEB integration functionality

Modified on Wed, 07 Nov 2018 at 11:15 AM

Before following this guide, please ensure that you have successfully completed the ‘Initial setup of Intelligent Office/ATEB integration’ guide.

In iO, within ‘Client Actions’ of the chosen client, under ‘iO Store Apps’, click ‘Start Suitability Report’. This will generate a new web browser tab of the ATEB suitability application’s dashboard page, and it will log into the user’s account automatically.

On the right hand side of the screen, underneath the ‘Log Out’ button, click ‘Create New Report’ as usual.

This will load up the ‘Create A New Report’ pop-up screen, where the user will enter the report name and select the type of document it is (report or letter) as usual. However, to show that the integration is working correctly, this information will display an ‘Intelligent Office Data’ sub heading with the text 'Report will be created on behalf of user selected in iO'. Click on ‘Start Report’. 

If this ‘Intelligent Office Data’ section is not showing, the integration is not connected; please follow the ‘Initial setup of Intelligent Office/ATEB integration’ guide to set this up.

The following client information will be transferred over from Intelligent Office into the Suitability report automatically: the full name, the address lines and the post code.

Joint Client

If the user has entered the selected the 'Joint Client Application' tick option when completing the 'Add Client' process, then following the normal 'Create a New Report' process in suitability, in the 'Create A New Report' pop up screen, there will now be an additional drop down question asked to decide if this a joint report. The default answer is 'None selected', which means this report generated will only contain the details of the client one; in the example below, this would only show John Smith's details.

Upon selecting client two's name in this drop down, the report generated will display client two's name. In the example below, Sarah Smith's name will appear in the report.

Client two's name will appear automatically once 'Yes' is selected for the question 'Is this report to be written on a Joint Basis?'. (This question has a default answer of 'No' so this must be changed manually for the client two name to appear).

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