To do this involves the following steps:

1) Disconnect the iO integration in the Suitability application and sign out of ATEB Suitability.

To do this, go into the 'Data Integrations' page in the suitability application. The Intelligent Office data integrations should be set as 'Enabled'. Click on the 'Disable' button, which will turn red once activated.

2) Click back on the 'Enable' button, and a pop up box will appear to prompt the user to login to the Intelligent Office account, as shown below. Click on the 'Login to Intelligent Office' link within the pop up box and login to the Intelligent Office account the user wants to switch the integration with. 

Logging into a different Intelligent Office account will mean that the integration has switched over, and from then on, will be a case of following the 'How to use Intelligent Office/ATEB integration functionality' article; to use Intelligent Office as usual.