Manual save:

During any stage of the report building process, an 'In Progress' report can be saved by clicking on the 'Save' button. The ‘Save' button is outlined in red below.

An additional pop up screen notifies the user that the report's progress has been saved.

It is highly recommended that the report's progress is saved regularly to minimize the possibility of any loss of data.

Auto save:

Based on user feedback, additional functionality re. saving an 'In Progress' report has been added - each time a user moves to a new page, progress will be saved. The user can check this functionality is working as upon loading a different page, there will be a light green box that appears on the top left hand side of the screen which says: "Progress Saved - We've saved your progress from the previous page."

* Please note that this auto save function only works when navigating through the report pages (e.g. the Plan Details, Client Information, Review/Changes to Recommendation etc. page shown in the screen capture below), and not the tabs within the pages (e.g. the Client Name tab shown in the screen capture below).