In the suitability report template there is a page called 'Investment Strategy Recommendation'. In this page, there is an option to add Investments into the Funds/Portfolios table (to see more on this, please visit the page "How is the Investments feature used in the wizard?") 

This Content Management feature allows users to create, update and publish custom Investment names and descriptions. All Investments displayed in this section are displayed in ascending alphabetical order.

This section is located in the 'Content Management' area of the suitability system. 

Investment names and descriptions are managed by your company administrator(s) and provide all users access to the company wide content for inclusion within your personalised reports.

There are many pre-suggested Investment options, that have been supplied by ATEB, built into the system.

The screenshot below shows the Investments page in the Content Management area and highlighted in red, are example investments that are defaulted in the system by ATEB.