Within the suitability application, you now have the option to use Rich Text Formatting when creating or modifying paragraphs of text. This feature is available in all areas of Content Management; Risk Profiles, Model Portfolios and both Paragraph features.

The user can create the Rich Text from scratch or alternatively, the user can paste the information from another source. If the user is pasting the text, it is important to remember to paste it without the attached formatting (unless the formatting is required). This is to prevent unnecessary formatting leaking into generated Suitability Reports.

To paste text without formatting, the user can right click (within the Rich Text box) and select 'paste as plain text' (example is shown below).

* Please note that the user should use two line returns for a new paragraph to appear within the generated suitability report.

Paste as Plain Text

Alternatively, if the formatting has already been pasted in, the user can remove all the formatting by; highlighting all the text and clicking the 'Clear formatting' button (example is shown below).

Remove formatting

As we can see in this example, the Clear Formatting function has removed the underline and bold formatting from the paragraph.