Within Suitability, it is possible to produce indented bullet points within 'rich text' boxes. This will be helpful for creating sub lists.

Example of indented bullet points:

The process to create these bullet point feature is easily replicated. Please follow the steps below to create your indented bullet point list:

Step 1: Click on the bullet point button and type in your text.

Step 2: Enter a return line in the rich text box, click on the 'right indent' button and type in your text for the second bullet point.

Step 3: Complete Step 2 again to create third bullet point.

* Please note this this tutorial is just to give the user a quick introduction to this new feature, there are many possibilities in how the indented bulleted lists can be displayed.

* It is also possible to implement this feature within the following sections: Risk Profiles, Model Portfolios and both Paragraph sections.

Below is a screen capture of an example 'rich text' box - both bullet point buttons and indentation buttons are highlighted in red.