To do this involves the following steps:

1) Disconnect the Xplan integration in the Suitability application.

To do this, go into the 'Data Integrations' page in the suitability application. The Iress Xplan data integration should be set as 'Enabled'. Click on the 'Disable' button, which will turn red once activated; see screenshot below.

2) Once the data integration has been disabled, click on the 'Enabled' button, which should be now be displayed in grey; see screenshot below.

3) The Xplan log in screen will appear. Input the User ID and Password details, as usual, and select Login. 

4) Once logged in to the Xplan system successfully, the user will be redirected back to the 'Data Integrations' page in the suitability app. Refresh (F5) the page to ensure that the integration is synced and working correctly.