In each of the Recommendation types, one of the upfront questions in the plan is "Provider" (this is applicable for Protection, Investment and Retirement recommendations, for Mortgage recommendations the question will be "Lender"). This is an auto-complete text box, so simply type in the relevant Provider's/Lender's Name in this text box and select the required name from the auto-complete drop-down (see example in screenshot 1 below).

Once this provider is entered in the recommendation plan, an additional page called "Provider Recommendation" will generate underneath the plan page. the description(s) will be displayed at the top of this page in italics (see example in screenshot 2 below).

Underneath the description text, the user can choose whether to include this text in the report or not by selecting the tick box (this tick box is pre-selected, which means the description text will be generated in the report, by default). 

*Providers/Platforms must be saved and published to be able to select them in the report; those providers/platforms set as a draft in the content management area will not be available to select in the report.

The screenshot below shows how the example provider has been saved and generated in the report.