After Ateb Suitability has been accessed via Intelligent Office, create a new Continued Suitability Letter as per the usual process. The full name, letter salutation and addressee information in the initial page's 'Basic Client Details' section should all be pre-populated with the data taken from Intelligent Office.

In the 'Review Details' page, in the 'Introduce your Existing Investments' section, there is the Plans table. This table automatically pre-populates with information taken from Intelligent Office (as per the 'Basic Client Details' section) - this includes all the investment and retirement plans listed in iO. An example of this is shown in the screen shot below:

Specific plans can be removed by the user (if these are not needed for the letter) via clicking on the tick box on the left of each plan row and then selecting the remove button at the bottom of the table. (screenshot below)

As per the usual structure, this Plans table provides the information that's used in the 'Charges' tables, if the 'Charges' tables are selected.

It is possible to complete the letter without using the iO data for plans, and to complete these sections manually. In these circumstances, select 'No' to the 'Use iO plan data?' question, located directly above the Plans table.

Please see the table below to view all the supported fields from iO and the corresponding location where these appear in the suitability letter.

iO FieldContinued Suitability Letter LocationContinued Suitability Letter Field
 Getting Started 
Client > Basic Details > TitleBasic Client DetailsClient 1 Full Name / Client 2 Full Name
Client > Basic Details > Last NameBasic Client DetailsClient 1 Full Name / Client 2 Full Name
Client > Basic Details > First NameBasic Client DetailsClient 1 Full Name / Client 2 Full Name
Client > Address Details > Address Line 1:Basic Client DetailsAddress Line 1
Client > Address Details > Address Line 2:Basic Client DetailsAddress Line 2
Client > Address Details > Address Line 3:Basic Client DetailsAddress Line 3
Client >Address Details > Address Line 4:Basic Client DetailsAddress Line 4
Client >Address Details > PostCode:Basic Client DetailsPostcode
 Review Details 
Plan > Provider
Introduce your Existing Investments
Plan > Product TypeIntroduce your Existing Investments
Plan/Product Type
Plans > Valuations > Surrender Transfer Value
Introduce your Existing Investments
Current Fund Value (£)