From the main log in screen on the ATEB suitability page, click on the given link where it says 'To start a 14 day FREE trial click here.'

A new page will appear which will ask for the initial information of the company and user. Please note that all of the text boxes provided are mandatory; all text boxes must be completed in order to continue with the registration process. Upon completion, a 'Registration Complete' notification box will appear in the middle of the screen telling the user an activation link has been sent to the email address supplied. 

The activation link in the email will lead the user to the 'Company Details' page of the activation process. 'Company Name', 'FCA Number' and 'Contact Number' are automatically completed from the previous form completed. Please note that all these fields are mandatory, apart from entering the 'Company Logo' as this is optional, although we do recommend to enter this image.

After clicking 'Next', the user is presented with the 'Your Details' page. Please note that all fields are mandatory except the final four questions: 'Certifications', 'Website URL', 'Twitter Username' and 'LinkedIn Username'.

By clicking on 'Get Started' in the 'Your Details', unless there are any errors with the information provided, the user is redirected to the application dashboard.