The template creation facility in ATEB Suitability is a powerful, but under-utilised tool. In this guide we explain how you can set up your own bespoke, in-house templates. You can create as many templates as you like and they can be standardised across the company or can be created for individual advisers.

Before you start:

Firstly, you need to ensure that you have created as much company wide content as possible as this will be used in the templates i.e.

- In-house standard paragraphs (company or adviser);

- Risk profiles;

- Model portfolios.

These are accessed via the Content Management option on the main menu.

Tips and Hints:

You have the flexibility to create as many templates as you like; conversely, you don’t want to end up with too many or they become unwieldy.

Here are some high level suggestions.

1.Make one person (or a small team) responsible for all templates to aid consistency of approach.

2.For investment products, create more than one template per advice scenario to cover different risk profiles and corresponding portfolios, e.g.

-ISA Moderately Cautious;

-ISA Speculative.

3.Create one or two (maximum) initially; test them thoroughly and get feedback. The more you do at this stage, the easier future templates will be to create.

4.Use the ‘Duplicate Template’ facility. Again, this will save you a great deal of effort and avoid inconsistency.

5.Don’t be scared to combine more than one advice scenario into one template e.g. ISA and general investment account.

How to make life even easier :

To streamline the process of template creation, we have pre-populated the system with some commonly used templates.

The templates need completion (for example, adding in your in-house risk profile) but they will give you a head start and save you time.

See below for links to guides on how to use the Sample Templates for different products in ATEB Suitability:

ISA Template

Pension Switch Template

Repayment Mortgage and Protection Template

Defined Benefit Scheme to Personal Pension Transfer Template
Defined Benefit to Flexi-Access Drawdown Transfer Template