*Please note that only administrator users can alter these risk profile states.


In the Attitude to Risk section, it is possible to describe the client’s ATR by selecting a relevant risk profile. It is now possible to select risk profiles from Synaptic Software.


To make these risk profiles available in the wizard they must be enabled. To enable these, go to the System Configuration page in the dashboard and select the Risk Profiles so that they are in the ‘Risk Profile enabled’ column in the ‘Risk Profiles Setting’ section of the page. 


Synaptic Software have two sets of risk profilers to choose and select in the Attitude to Risk Section. The risk profilers are the scales 1-10 and 1-5.


In the screen capture below, the Risk Profiles 1-10 are enabled, while the Risk Profiles 1-5 are disabled.

Alternatively, it is possible to enable them by clicking on the toggle button for the Risk Profiles on the Content Integrations page.


The screen capture below shows the Risk Profilers area in the Content Integration page for Synaptic Software.