How can you lock/unlock templates?

Modified on Wed, 03 Aug 2022 at 08:58 AM

When editing a template, the suitability system has a function which 'locks' the template if the user exits the edit template session abruptly, without saving the progress. This means that no other user can edit/access this template until the first user, the user that was editing the template, 'unlocks' the template by going back in and saving the editing session.

To 'lock' the template:

This works in the editing screen of the template; to get to the editing template screen either click on 'Edit Template' on an existing template or click on 'Create a New Template'. When in the template editing screen, close the browser or tab. This template will now be locked for all users. 

To 'unlock' the template:

Go back to the application, go to the templates page and locate the template that has just been 'locked'. This template will now be displayed differently than the other templates listed: next to the template name, in red, bold text it will say 'Locked by user's name' and instead of having the usual template option buttons available on the right hand side, it will only have two: 'Start Report from Template' and 'Unlock Template.' (which is the orange button displayed with a small padlock symbol). To unlock the template, the user who originally locked this template will need to click on the 'Unlock Template.' button. Once the button is clicked, the template will return to the normal state.

Screen capture 1 below shows the template in a 'locked' state:

* Please note that this function is only available for users that have permissions to edit templates.

* The 'Unlock' functionality only works in the 'Templates' page, this functionality does not work in the 'Dashboard' page.

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