In the Attitude to Risk section, it is possible to describe the client’s ATR by selecting a relevant risk profile.  It is now possible to select popular risk profiles from our integration partners (currently Evalue, Dynamic Planner & Clever Adviser) as well as the ATEB Consulting risk profiles.

As of the suitability upgrade in July 2020, these risk profilers are automatically in-built into the suitability system, so to add these into your custom reports and/or templates requires no additional time or effort, apart from enabling/disabling them from view in the wizard. It is also possible to enable or disable the risk profiles that have been created by your own company.

To have these risk profiles appearing, ready to select in the report builder, they must be enabled. These can be enabled in two ways: via enabling the risk profiles in the System Configuration page or the Content Integrations page.

All users can update these in the Content Integrations page, however, only users who have a system administrator account can update these details in the System Configuration page.