To import Asset or Fund data, the user must start the process by clicking on the 'Import' buttons, highlighted below.

A pop up screen will appear in which the user will download the import template; it is important that the template is completed correctly in order for the pie charts etc. to work as expected. In the template screen capture below, the columns in which the data should be inserted have been highlighted.

Upon completion, the template should be uploaded back into the system via the 'Choose File' function. The user must then click on the 'Import' button (highlighted below), and then 'Save' or 'Update' to complete the process.

*Please note that when inserting values into the downloaded template, insert the figures needed only. It is not necessary to format these inputs by adding a % onto the figure entered i.e. 50% as these are entered automatically in the system; adding additional information/formatting may impact the system's ability to save and import the spreadsheet correctly.