After ATEB suitability has been accessed via Intelligent Office, on the 'Report Builder' page under 'Recommendations' the option of 'Protection Advice' should be selected.

If the Suitability application has been accessed via Intelligent Office, and Protection Plans exist in iO for this client, on the Protection 'Plans' page there will be two (new) questions at the top of the 'Plan Builder' section.

The first question is 'Use iO Plan Data?', which is automatically defaulted to 'Yes' (if this is answered 'No', then the user will be able to complete the plan as normal with no plan details pulling through). 

The second is a question is 'Select iO Plan'; this is a drop down question where the user will select the relevant plan from iO. 

The answers in this drop down are taken from the linked iO account and are formatted in the following way: Client, Product Name, Plan Type and Policy Number. All this information displaying about the plan will make it easier to distinguish which plan to select.

Once the Plan has been selected, the information from Intelligent Office will automatically be entered into the Wizard as plan details. 

* Please note that if the plan selected is NOT for a retail client i.e. if the plan recommended is a Key Person Insurance plan, it is important to select 'Business Customer' in the 'Basic Client Details' tab in the 'Getting Started' page. Options available for these type of plans are directly dependant on this answer being selected.

The screen shots below show an example of plan data being automatically entered in the Suitability application for a Protection plan:

For the full list of data fields taken from iO, please visit the following article: